BOOKING: or directly via phone +41 78 884 4450

Swissivory is one of Switzerland’s most sought-after DJ’s. Having played in some of the best clubs all around the world, he also holds residencies in the top clubs in his city, and is available for both national and international bookings. As an open-format DJ, he can play all genres of music, for both private and public events. He can also host events as an MC upon request. If you would like to have DJ Swissivory spin at your event, please contact swissivory.

02.05. Radio Kanal K, AG
05.05. Feeling, Vior ZH
06.05. Private Event, ZH
06.05. Queens, ZH
12.05. Hiltl, ZH
13.05. Hard One, ZH
20.05. Bad Attitude, Vior ZH
26.05. New Event, ZH
27.05. La Boutique, Hiltl ZH

02.06. Feeling, Vior ZH
03.06. Private Event, ZH
09.06. Hit Machine, Hiltl ZH
10.06. Hypnotize, Alice Choo, ZH
16.06. Hit Machine, Hiltl ZH
17.06. Bad Attitude, Vior ZH
24.06. La Boutique, Hiltl ZH
30.06. New Event, ZH

07.07. Feeling, Vior ZH
08.07. Sender Club, Lustenau AT
09.07. Fresh Island Festival, Croatia
10.07. Fresh Island Festival, Croatia
11.07. Fresh Island Festival, Croatia
12.07. Fresh Island Festival, Croatia
13.07. Fresh Island Festival, Croatia
14.07. Fresh Island Festival, Croatia
15.07. Bad Attitude, Vior ZH
22.07. La Boutique, Hiltl ZH
28.07. Hit Machine, Hiltl ZH

04.08. Feeling, Vior ZH
11.08. Private Event, FR
19.08. Bad Attitude, Vior ZH
26.08. La Boutique, Hiltl ZH

01.09. Feeling, Vior ZH
16.09. Bad Attitude, Vior ZH
23.09. La Boutique, Hiltl ZH

06.10. Feeling, Vior ZH
21.10. Bad Attitude, Vior ZH
28.10. La Boutique, Hiltl ZH

03.11. Feeling, Vior ZH
18.11. Bad Attitude, Vior ZH
25.11. La Boutique, Hiltl ZH

01.12. Feeling, Vior ZH
16.12. Bad Attitude, Vior ZH
23.12. La Boutique, Hiltl ZH