Real Dreams Episode 14 – Swissivory Ft. Lenny Harold

Day 14 – Lenny Harold, Blackstreet (Valentine’s Day)

Lenny Harold -

“I like the way you work it, no Diggity!” Everyone knows the legendary Blackstreet song that still rocks dancefloors worldwide to this day after more than 2 decades, from the older generation to the new one, Teddy Riley’s legendary RnB Band changed a bit, with new members joining the team after the departure of 2 of the founding members, to form Blackstreet 2, or BS2 for short. One of the new members is Lenny Harold. Needless to say, his talent is simply out of this world. And him being a part of BS2 is simply a confirmation of that statement. To me, Lenny is definitely one of the most underrated modern-day RnB singers in the music industry (or not). I guess his humble and reserved character, are the most deceiving I’ve ever seen in an artist. Once he starts singing, it’s like he’s another person.

There are simply no words to describe this song. Over the simplest of instrumentals, a basic chord progression, some 808 drums and a few bells and whistles, Lenny Harold simply always seems to find the right note that will give everyone in the room goose bumps. And not just the ones on the back of the neck. I’m talking about goose bumps from the back of your toenails up to the ones above your eyebrows and back!

The song is about a couple going through a difficult phase in their relationship, wondering what happened to their love, and where things may have gone wrong. The song is fitting for Valentine’s day, and will definitely be one for the ladies. I’m really excited about the video project we have for this single. It was also one of the favorite songs when I spoke to record label executives, definitely one of my favorite cuts on #realdreams.