Real Dreams Episode 15 – "Spa City" by Rcynic

Day 15 – Rcynic


In 2005 I linked up via Soundclick with an artist by the name of Sir Roob from Texas. Back then he was a young hungry rapper from the South who had a really great voice and flow, but somehow, when I left the US, my beats hustle diminished greatly due to me not living in America anymore, and also dealing with a very personal matter. My mother had a car accident in May of 2006, which left her paralyzed from the neck down. Thanks to Music, I kept a level head. But the focus and drive I had back in Boston just wasn’t the same, firstly because of the very limited contacts I had locally, and second because of all the time I spent taking care of family matters. In 2009, my mother passed away, as a result of her daily struggle to survive. Meanwhile, Sir Roob had his issues of his own, prompting him to take a hiatus from making music for a few years. However, in 2012, by a change of heart, he returned to the game with a vengeance, working anew on new projects, this time under the name of Rcynic.

Although I’d left the country and lost contact with him, I still remembered our collaborative efforts. So one day, I decided to write him an e-mail to touch base and see what he had been up to since we had last spoke. I then learnt the shocking news of him losing his mother a week prior. As these things tend to happen, especially in the case of Real Dreams, I just happened to have been working on a dark and melancholic ballad. Without knowing about what had happened a week before, I was working on what would be the most personal cut off the “Real Dreams” Record: I sent him the beat, and man did he pour all his emotions on the instrumental I sent out. “Spa City” is a song dedicated to Duana Starr, Beatrice Meyer, and all the mothers who’ve sacrificed their lives and cannot be with us today.

Be on the lookout for more music by Swissivory & Rcynic!