Real Dreams Episode 18 – Ice Runnerz, Grindin Ent.

Day 19 – Ice Runnerz, Grindin Ent.

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One of the main reasons I work with the Ice Runnerz, is that they are into modern-day hip-hop and are also young and talented individuals from Switzerland. Needless to say, not many Swiss artists can rap in English. Even fewer can spit on trap beats in English out here. So when I met them, I knew exactly what to cook for their style, having heard their various IRMG mixtapes with Grindin Entertainment, which is a global movement, booking agency, and coalition, between Zurich and New York.

I’ve learnt in the music business that although you should network with everyone you possibly can, you shouldn’t work with just anybody. But if you do decide to work with someone, then do it with all your heart, focus and dedication. This applies to this collaboration with the Ice Runnerz for the song “No tomorrow”. The trap beat knocks hard and the content of the song is partying like there’s no tomorrow, getting wild and out of control in the club, bouncing to the music being played your favorite DJ.

I am really excited for the Ice Runnerz, a duo composed of Young Crack and Mello Charmillz. They are originally from Schaffhausen, a town north of Zurich. They’ve also made a name for themselves, working with American artists and DJ’s on various mixtapes, EP’s and Singles. Their grind and hustle is what really impressed me, and I think they have a very bright future in the game ahead of them. Also, I respect and understand their struggle and their hustle. They’ve literally sold thousands of mixtapes to people from the trunk of their car, something which is unheard of in Switzerland. But again, it shows that if you have a good plan and a dream to succeed, you can achieve anything and create your own history. As long as it comes from the heart and it feels right, then go for it and do everything to achieve it. That’s ultimately the message of my album, and the reason behind the “Real Dreams” title.

Coming to Switzerland at the age of 23, I was an outsider from the start. I didn’t know anybody in Switzerland, I had no network or childhood friends who could help me get into the DJ-Scene / Music-Scene. Yet I’ve worked my way up the ranks, worked hard and given 200% every day since I decided that this was the dream I wanted to pursue. And although many people put obstacles in my way, and tried to stop me, I never gave up, and got back up again many times. I worked with many artists who failed to deliver or let me down after investing all my energy into them as artists. The problem is that the more people deceive you, the more difficult it becomes to stand back up and start again. I guess the main thing is that no road to success is pre-defined, and you will definitely put your hopes in the wrong people in the music business, you will get played, hurt, “used and abused” because everyone has a different priority and agenda in this industry. However, what I will say is this: no matter how hard it may seem, as long as you’re moving forward, enjoying the journey and learning from it, you’ve already achieved more than 80% of people out there. #realdreams