Real Dreams Episode 19 – International Hip-Hop: "That Good Good"

Day 20 – Dandee, Sean Don, Kemikel Ali

What do you do when 3 MC’s get together, one from Philly, one from New York, and the third half Japanese half Thai, with a Swiss-Ivorian producer on the beat? You get “That Good Good”, which is the name of the track we did together with the 3 culprits, Dandee from the Bangkok Invaders Crew, Sean Don from Fred Da Godson’s team, and Kemikel Ali from Philadelphia, who’s recently put out a single featuring the Roc-A-Fella legendary rapper Freeway.

Ever heard of the expression “Small World”? That’s exactly the story of this song. I know all these artists because this person is a friend or a brother or involved in that project with this person. It’s funny how these things come together. I never in my life imagined and prepared a beat for an Asian Rapper, and 2 American independent artists, for the same song. By chance, these were the 3 people in the studio at the time I made this record who I’d been involved with. Kemikel Ali from 58th Street Records laced the hook, Sean Don broke the verse down based on that verse, and Dandee represented BKK to the fullest. BX to Philadelphia to BKK. International hip-hop music at it’s finest, this is another dream that came true for me, although regionally strong, these artists get a chance to collaborate on a song which will give them international exposure, even global exposure.

The song “That Good Good” may come off as a typical twerking party song, but the quality and lyricism of the artists take the track to a whole new level, with whitty rhymes and great punchlines. The intro states it, with Dandee screaming “We bringing hip-hop back!” as I take out the drums of the already sparse beat with a heavy baseline and 808 drums and claps. I can really see this song being played in the middle of the set at a packed club with some huge speakers, and all the girls getting DOWN with this, while the fellas who stay posted on the wall can’t deny it, and at the very least need to bop their head to the knock of this track! You can get the album here. #realdreams