Real Dreams Episode 21 – East 2 West Collaboration

Day 21 – Young Noble, NORE, Young Maylay

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This cut was definitely not scheduled for the album but having worked with Young Noble, NORE, and Maylay on previous projects, I just so happened to come across them at the turn of the year. At that time my album deal with Ryan and the Distribution deal was already finalized as well as the CD Artwork.

Yet the song is so hot that I felt I needed to at least push it as a single and incorporate it into my project, because it also features none other than the lovely voice of Tariah on the hook, and makes for a super-catchy West Coast infused club banger.

Everyone brought their best on the track, NORE rapping and remembering spending time in Switzerland with me on their last European tour. I remember having to wait for him outside, because he was busy. Next thing I know he called me into the hotel room and asked me if I knew any good place for a Pizza so we went to get pizza on a cold night in St Gallen Switzerland. That was one of the funniest experiences! That’s also what music is about, besides the whole stress we deal with daily as artists, DJ’s and producers, there are these types of moments that may seem unimportant. Yet those are the moments that create memorable sessions, memorable events, or memorable tales to talk about for years to come.

Young Maylay is a member of Ice Cube’s Label, and has been known for tracks with Westside Connection as well as the theme song for the Grand Theft Auto St Andreas Video Game! So it’s great to have someone who represents L.A. California, next to a member of the Outlawz, Young Noble, who was the last rapper that Tupac Shakur signed before he lost his life. This alone makes my album historical, and is probably the closest I’ll ever get to 2pac. I’m really honored to have these amazing artists on the same song, it’s a hit, a classic! And on top of that, it has a meaningful story behind it and I am really excited to share my album with you!

I definitely want you to have this download, so by ordering the full album you get the song for free as a bonus track! *ONLY PRE-ORDERS* Pre-order the album here!