Real Dreams Episode 22 – @Tariahmusic

Day 18 – Tariah

It’s easy to find a rapper nowadays. Making music is accessible to more people than ever before. You can go on social media, music blogs and websites, the internet is over-saturated with them: Rappers “come and go” as people say. But when it comes to Singers, it’s quite a different story. There are many people who try to sing. But there are very few people who actually CAN sing, and even fewer people who can do it well, period. Being a singer is one of the most difficult vocations, because it takes a lot of natural born talent, combined with relentless hard-work and an dedication to your art. So when I began working with Tariah, I didn’t know what to expect, due to my limited experience in working with singers at the time. The character, the voice, the looks, and the “star-appeal”, the so called X-Factor. That was in 2012.I heard some demos and songs she had recorded in various studios before we met. Already then, I knew she had the potential to be a star:

I remember my then-engineer saying, that she would need a lot of development, and it would not make sense to work with her. However, I strongly disagreed with him, and as the ever-optimist, I decided to dedicate my time and effort towards building up Tariah as an artist. I felt she had the total package, and that all she needed was a platform to succeed. I had until then only worked with one singer before her. 99% of the people I worked with have been rappers, DJ’s or producers. Needless to say, it was exciting for me. Soon enough, we started working on music together, and later on, we became good friends, and finally began a serious relationship. A year later, for the 150 years anniversary of Swiss Re in Zürich, the company she works for, Tariah performed at the legendary “Dolder” Luxury Grand Hotel in front of more than 3’000 people, not bad for a first show! She also performed for the worldwide corporate management of SwissRE at Aura Club in Zurich, an exclusive event behind closed doors. The producer she worked with, Robin Haley, was then so impressed throught the entire project that he offered us to work with him on a full-length LP for her. This was approximately 18 months ago. Since then, our trio has been working relentlessly, week-in, week-out, on her album.

Fast forward to today, and Tariah already has enough material to put an album out, 2 music videos are done, the first one was made in L.A. with the dancers of America’s Best Dance Crew, the 2nd one was filmed in Italy last September, and the 3rd visual project, for the song “Victims”, which will be premiering soon, is definitely worth checking out! Of all her songs, “Victims” is on the Real Dreams Album. So you can pre-order the album here. #realdreams