Real Dreams Episode 4 – Maybach Music Group

Day 04 – Gunplay (MMG), C-Tru, JC Chambers (UK) / Swiss Remix Ft. Mimiks

There are two main record labels in the South which have been running the Hip-Hop game for the past few years. One of them is YMCMB, and the other one is Maybach Music Group. Having supported so many of their records, it was only a matter of time before we connected.

What made this collaboration a memorable experience was the fact that it was highly interactive, there were a lot of discussions between the artists and myself, and it was great to see them really involved in the process from start to finish. We literally spent weeks in the studio making the beat a smash, and re-did a few versions of the chorus, as well as using different melodies and instruments until we were all happy with the song. So it was great that both sides set high standards for themselves, and we all went in and gave our best effort on this!

C-Tru holds the record together, it’s called “Prophecy”. Not only did he give a crazy hook to the beat, he literally murdered the chorus and the 2nd verse. What I think people will be surprised about, is that C-Tru is from the Philippines. His voice sounds like a crazy combination of Tupac and BIG in one person. And to top it all off, I wanted someone from European side of the Atlantic to put their stamp on the song.

I reached out to the UK-based rapper Jay Chambers from England, to complete the record. The result was yet another international collaboration, from L.A. to Miami to the UK. It surely will surprise a few people, it’s a very anthem-like trap song and has the 808 that can make any speaker blow up!

When I showed the song to my friend Mimiks, a the first Swiss rapper to have a No.1 record independently on the Swiss Charts with his debut album in 2014, he really liked the song. A Swiss Remix is already in the works… So stay tuned for more! Mimiks, in my opinion, is the next big rapper from the German-speaking part of Switzerland, and will be touring in 2015 with Switzerland’s biggest hip-hop artist, Stress.

It’s a real blessing for me to be the producer behind #RealDreams, because it could’ve really fallen apart, had the artists not delivered. But everybody involved in this massive project gave 200% and was very supportive, which made it easy for me to complete. You can hear a snippet of the #Realdreams project here