RealDreams: Swissivory Arturia MatrixBrute Preset Bank (Free Download)

Following a successful Album Release I decided to reinvest some of the proceeds from my latest album into my studio.

I’ve been wanting this beast for over 18 months, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Over the past few days, I’ve gotten really into the MatrixBrute by Arturia. I also noticed that while the sound design options on this are beyond human understanding, it’s also very easy to get lost into tweaking your sound and losing sight of the project. Furthermore, I realized that the default SoundBank, although feature-rich and diverse, was all over the place. I decided to organize my own sounds and starting points.

Swissivory Real Dreams Custom Preset SoundBank:
Bank A – Basses
Bank B – Leads
Bank C – Chords / Pads / Keys
Bank D – Sequences / Arpeggios

For all Arturia MatrixBrute owners, you can download it here