I recently collaborated with my boy DNO for his new EP called “Deny No One”! The 7-track effort debut was covered and premiered by none other than the famous EDM Blog “We Rave You”!

Our song is “Hegland Bass” and I’m really excited to get your reactions on it! Enjoy the track here:


Extract from “We Rave You”

Switzerland’s dance scene is rapidly growing, and with it comes an influx of notable talent adding their unique sound into the global mix. DNO is at the forefront of these promising new talents, making his mark in the ever-evolving Trap league.

Now, his debut EP,  Deny No One, has finally dropped and immediately caught our attention for its high calibre production value, and arrangement. DNO is ascending the ranks into bass notoriety and offers a genre-bending experience thanks to high profile originals, collaborations and remixes. Its namesake intro opens the EP on an emotive note with its poignant melodies, sparse pad chords, and rhythmic drums, that indicate something powerful is about to happen.

The EP’s lead track “Dare Me” is a collaborative track with The Frat Boy, that comprises French horn sounds, dominating an upbeat tempo and a melodic chord based breakdown, ultimately giving The Pointer Sister’s legendary 1985 track “Dare Me” a fresh and contemporary touch. Intensity grows with the tempo of “Pop That Pussy”, a collaborative effort with Dirty Swift and The Frat Boy, which characterizes itself with raunchy, larger than life synth chords whilst building tensity with an energetic progression that strikes at all the right moments.

Enthusiastic and ethereal breaks fuel DNO’s very own take on The Prodigy‘s timeless “No Good”, which serves as the most euphoric offering of the EP. The remix advances the EP on an anthemic note, lacing empowering and nostalgic vocal clips over thunderous percussion and a memorable drop. It evokes a feeling of soaring, despite anchoring the listener to the ground with its tough percussions and basslines.

“Mash Up The Place” is as intense as its preceding tracks, using chopped vocal progressions and a colourfully ascending melody to catalyze goosebumps, and tougher kicks for added impact. Given its tiered development and consistently changing aspects, it’s impossible to direct attention away from the next track “Hegland Bass”. Each new layer is slowly mixed into the fold — with the help of fellow producers Swissivory and The Frat Boy — until the piece crescendos into a chunkier offering that moves the dancefloor.

To wrap things up, “Feel Me Flow” is tougher on the edges, using deeper frequencies to entice the mind. Enduring and groovy to its core, this final track of the EP puts off a jubilant vibe with vocal clips that leave consumers with little choice but to begin dancing.

Diverse and pungent per DNO’s usual standards, Deny No One outlines the level of boldness followers have come to expect from this aspiring young talent.