Real Dreams episode 9 – Swissivory Ft. Lua Proc

Day 09 – Lua Proc
New York, Miami, L.A., Chicago, and Atlanta, are the cities one thinks of as “hubs” when it comes to hip-hop music, what Nashville is to Country Music, or Hollywood to the movie industry. Therefore, Pittsburgh is typically not the first city a hip-hop fan would think of when it comes to amazing rappers. Thank God for Lua Proc, who basically heard the first trap beat I sent him and absolutely MURDERED to track within days, he sent me back the stems to a FULLY recorded song! Absolutely on point, flow is incredible, voice is deep and the presence of this Emcee on the beat is really strong.

This is also real dreams. Like I’ve said before, I wanted to give the chance to independent artists who might not be known in the charts or on MTV to shine on my album. I think it’s important to give artists who work hard on honing their craft and skills, a chance to shine alongside bigger names. And Lua Proc is no different. He is a talented rapper and us linking up was no coincidence. He’s already been around the underground scene, dropping tracks on mixtapes by Coast 2 Coast and more. He’s also something of a local celebrity in his hometown, having gained the attention of XXL or Hype Magazine, the BET Hip-Hop Awards and many hip-hop blogs.

He’s now on tour with Bone Thugs & Harmony, and it seems as though he’s one of the artists who’s got next in line to blow up. So I really hope this record will give him even more exposure, because even though he’s put Pittsburgh on the map, he absolutely deserves to shine on a wider scale, and the trap beat I produced for this song should also please a section of the listeners. There aren’t many songs like this on the Real Dreams album, and the drums for “On Da Bloc” are really crazy. When you hear this beat, you will not stop bouncing around and/or nodding your head. A big shout-out to my engineer Marco for bringing out the baseline on the track, while keeping the drums hard-hitting on this certified trap-hit! Make sure to cop the Real Dreams album when it drops, because you’re gonna definitely have a favorite track on there. This might just be the one if you like raw hip-hop / trap beats! #realdreams