Real Dreams Episode 1

Day 01 – “Real Dreams”: The beginning of a journey

(Every day until the release of my project on March 6th, I will be bringing you the story behind the music, by which this incredible album came to be. You can pre-order the album here and also visit my music store to get a few gifts, including a free download of my single with Cali Swag District, “Money Dance”. #realdreams)

Real Dreams. How did the name come along? I don’t know exactly, to be honest. But it started with me wanting to make a simple dream come true: producing for established artists. I began playing the piano in 1991, I’ve been a DJ since 2001. And I’ve always been involved in music projects, be it mixtapes, remixes or actively supporting local talent here in Switzerland since 2006. Real Dreams is the culmination of my music career, the ups and downs I’ve been through both personally and professionally. Real Dreams is about beating the odds, fighting for what you believe in and working at reaching your goals, no matter how long or tough the journey might be, and overcoming all obstacles in order to reach full potential.

It all began 2 years ago, in January 2013, when my new year’s resolution was to produce a song with an artist that I admired. So I started doing my homework by gathering all necessary tools and equipment to get my “groove” back on, since I’d taken a break from beat-making to focus on building up my DJ career. Soon enough, I connected with Papoose, who had already recorded a drop for my 2012 mixtape which was hosted by Fatman Scoop. It took Papoose only 48 hours to write to the song, record his part. That was in November 2013. Not only did I achieve my goal for that year, but I also began to realize the potential of me reaching out to all the people I had worked with in the past, and that’s when the “Real Dreams” project started to take shape.

In the summer of 2014, I went to back to New York City as part of my US Tour with my artist Tariah, and linked up with Papoose and long-time friends and collaborators C-Tru from L.A. and Spits Nelson from New Jersey, one of the first Emcees I used to record with in the closet back in Boston in 2004. Little did we know, 10 years later, that we’d have our own video premiering on MTV, VH1. By November 2014, we had reached #3 on the college radio charts with the record “How We Roll” next to records by M.O.P, Ras Kass, DJ Premier, etc… The video came out crazy and got worldwide attention. Since then Dj’s from around the World have been sending me drop requests, screen-shots of their seratos and supporting the record. Pun intended: this was a dream come true.

After the success of “How We Roll”, I got signed to Ryan Leslie’s label, and my album is now available for pre-order via The physical copy will be available on March 6th but you can already get it here, as well as a free download of my single “Money Dance” Ft. Cali Swag District. I hope to inspire many people like myself, who have a talent but may or may have not given it a try, to follow their dreams. It’s not about music. It’s about real life. If you can dream about it, you can make it a reality. Tell a friend to pre-order the album here. Thank you for your support. May the journey begin #realdreams

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