Real Dreams Episode 10 – Youngstarz Ft. Aslan

Day 10 – Youngstarz, Aslan


Being a DJ and producer from Switzerland, one of the most important things for me was to put my country on the map. That’s why, amongst many others, I really wanted to involve rappers from Switzerland on this project. I reached out to all the rappers I know from out here. One of the first ones to be down with the Real Dreams project is YZ Gang, also known as Youngstarz from Basel. They are a duo hailing from the Caribbean and Africa respectively, based in Switzerland. Our stories are similar in that we’re from African origins but we live in Switzerland, and make music like it’s all we ever knew. I first saw them when they opened for the Bobby Valentino show in Obsession club a couple of years ago, and since then we’ve kept in touch, connected on mixtape projects and shows. So it was a natural evolution to involve them in my project once I knew about it. They then introduced me to German rapper Aslan. This kid, I swear, is on the same level as the best German rappers in the mould of Bushido, Kollegah, Kudo, and more.

“Money from da Sky” was the idea brought to the table by YZ-Gang, they then sampled Aslan’s voice to wrap up a catchy chorus. “Dresscode Moncler, Gürtel Hermes” (Gürtel is “Belt” in German). The track is a really nice club track, with a nice flow and vibe to dance to when you’re in the VIP section of the club with your people, not really paying attention to what’s going on around you, but rather just having a good time and feeling the music being played by the DJ. That’s what we went for in the music video. As a DJ I love to make people in the VIP stand up, bottles in the air, and vibe and dance to my mixes. That’s the feeling I get when I listen to this song. and will also be released as a single alongside the “Victims” video.

Looking forward to it! You can pre-order the album here to get the #realdreams project on time for release!