Real Dreams Episode 12 – The Nightlife

Day 12 – Gallo, C-Tru

Tonight is the 2 year-anniversary of my residency at Plaza Nachtseminar, a Thursday Night student party we started 2 years ago. The event has become the reference party for students on Thursdays in Zürich, Switzerland. Like many other nights I’ve been a part of over the past few years, I’ve been a very loyal servant, DJ-ing countless nights for the same clubs and promoters for years on. That’s why today I would like to talk about the song I made with C-Tru & Gallo called “The Nightlife”.

We’ve been shooting the video to “The Nightlife” which is the 2nd track on the Real Dreams album, and the first song after the Intro by No Malice of the Clipse. The reason being that it is one of my favorite songs on the album, and represents my life as a DJ, producer, and entertainer. As an artist, I’ve spent countless hours working on mixtapes, beats, mixing at clubs for hours. We artists have a hard life. We try our best to make music and stay up long hours, our work happens mostly at night. We are often working and hustling on side-jobs to make end’s meat, while we keep the dream alive of making it one day with music.

The Nightlife is about living the life we always dream of, going out at night and living our dreams, feeling free, having a good time and experiencing the drama that happens at night-time: clubbing, partying, meeting people and doing all kinds of crazy things. The track starts off with my good friend Gallo, producer and rapper from VA, who goes on and raps about partying on any given day, and having a good time. Of course he makes great references to the different scenes in the club, from the perfect tens to the other girls grilling each other, to partying hard and living Life to the fullest. Rather than the typical misogynistic lyricism, he manages to really talk about partying in a positive, energetic way.

For the second part of the track, none other than my partner in crime, C-Tru, goes on about how crazy his vision of the nightlife is, with a lot of funny anecdotes, his delivery is once again perfect and complements the track very nicely with the content and flow of Gallo. The video we are shooting will be based on a really simple but nice concept. We will film the nightlife from 3 different angles: on the East Coast (Gallo), on the West Coast (C-Tru) and in Europe (Swissivory). Overall it will reflect what I’ve experienced myself in the nightlife: whether in LA, New York, Zurich or Tokyo, the Nightlife is the same everywhere. The video will be out soon. And I can’t wait to share it with you. You can pre-order the album here. #realdreams