Real Dreams Episode 57 – "How We Roll": One Year Later

Exactly 1 year ago I released my first ever single “How We Roll” and made a little bit of Swiss Music history. This song I produced reached #3 on the US college radio rap charts, the video has since gathered over a quarter million views, and ultimately got me signed to Ryan’s DMM Label as an artist, allowing me to release my album #RealDreams through his channel, and through the good folks at Nation Music, who then helped me reach #8 on the Swiss iTunes Hip-Hop charts. So many great things happened of the back of the success this record received. I definitely didn’t expect such a good reception but being played by other DJ’s worldwide on the radio and in the club was a dream come true for me. When you work hard at something and focus on doing it to the best of your ability, everything sooner or later falls into place, and happens for a reason. I spent years trying to make a successful record. This was simply meant to be, and that’s how I got the name of my album, #RealDreams. So this post is dedicated to anyone who ever had a dream! #RealDreams the album is available right here for download or physical purchase!

Charts Success