Real Dreams Episode 6 – "Overseas, East to West!"

Day 06 – Reks Ft. Young Sixx

Having lived in the Boston area for many years, I always had a great admiration for local artists. Boston has a lot of dope lyricists, few made it on the national and international level, but almost all of them are respected on the underground scene. One of the most successful being Guru. R.I.P. I was blessed to have had a mixtape with him back in the day.

Reks is also one of the great Northeast rappers. A well-respected lyricist in the game, I never heard him on such a clubby beat before. So when I reached out to him and told him about my project, I was expecting him to get on a golden-age type of beat. I showed him – for the sake of choice – 3 “true hip-hop” beats and a clubby one. Surprisingly, he picked the one I threw in as a “joker”. A few days later, he showed the song to me, and it started like this: “Swag, my bad the beat called for it!”. You’ll understand when you hear it. The album is available to pre-order here. Couldn’t believe the bounce his flow added to the record. Reks on such a beat is something unheard of, and he definitely brought his A game on this. Young Sixx completes the record with his verse and a killer chorus: “Overseas, East to West, you’re now rocking with Swissivory, Young Sixx, and Reks!” this song is sure to grab listeners’ attention, because it’s unexpected, and also very catchy. The beat is a good mix between a club banger with that west coast vibe, yet enough head-nodding effect to listen to while driving in the car or just enjoying great music at home.

Once again, the Real Dreams concept has been kept intact on this record. L.A. Rapper on the chorus, Boston Rapper on the verse, Switzerland-based producer on the track. International hip-hop at it’s finest. Cross-country, cross boundary. Simply put, a dream come true. Can’t wait to share the album with you in a few weeks. Pre-order it here.